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Top 10 selection criteria for a Managed Kubernetes provider

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Top 10 selection criteria for a Managed Kubernetes provider

Many companies are eager to get started with a Kubernetes container orchestration platform. But which partner is best for your organization? Choosing the right Kubernetes provider is not straightforward. In this whitepaper we offer practical tips and guidelines to select the right (Managed) Kubernetes provider.

In this white paper you will get the answers to the most important questions for selecting the right Kubernetes partner. In this whitepaper you’ll find out:

  • What types of Kubernetes partners are available in the Netherlands?
  • What criteria should you pay attention to when selecting a Kubernetes provider?
  • What are the benefits of a Managed Kubernetes provider?

Download this must-have white paper to get a complete picture of what you need to know about your potential Kubernetes provider before making a well considered choice.


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