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Get started with cloud-native technology and Kubernetes!

Developers want to start using containers and realize that Kubernetes (K8s) is complex when they go into production.

From complex to faster release

Also encountered the complexity of the Kubernetes platform? Fully focus on building and further developing your application(s)! True takes care of the preconditions, such as hosting of the Kubernetes platform, management and monitoring.

A complete platform built for you

Work with proven technologies – from the CNCF landscape – that work together perfectly. True sets up your Kubernetes environment with tools that fit seamlessly together. A platform with applications from the cloud-native ecosystem that fit your situation exactly.

True provides tailor-made advice based on the application stack and the customer’s wishes. This describes which tools and possibilities we can use for you. True has already put together the right mix of tools from the CNCF landscape for you. No steep learning curve, but quick success and a smooth onboarding process where the Kubernetes specialists from True do the ‘heavy lifting’.

Expertise from True Kubernetes engineers

Need a Kubernetes engineer for management? In addition to the design of the platform, True offers high-quality management and support. Rely on a large team of experienced and certified Kubernetes engineers, including 24/7 monitoring of your environment. This also prevents a steep learning curve and dependence on one or a few internal engineers.

True is the expert in the field of infrastructure, DevOps, Kubernetes and databases. Continuous improvement is the key to success here. We don’t take down your Kubernetes environment once, but we are continuously fine-tuning the best practices for improving and optimizing your containerized application.

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